Monday, November 5, 2012

It starts with research

Research and analysis are essential in the setting of effectual PR campaign objectives.  Through primary and secondary research, it is imperative to understand your target audience so you craft achievable goals that will meet your needs and cater to your publics properly.  Comprehensive research will undoubtedly reveal your main challenges and lead you to generate a thorough task list to meet your objectives.  It’s advantageous to know your strengths in order to capitalize on them.  You need to know your weaknesses equally well not only to address them or prevent problems but to also be prepared if you’re confronted about them.  The research phase is also the time to analyze external opportunities in order to capitalize on them.  It’s also the opportune stage to become aware of pending threats in order to be proactive.

Coca Cola missed the mark on their research for the launching on the New Coke.  When they were strategizing how to revitalize their brand, they failed to see that changing the formulation could alienate their current following.  Lucky for them, they were able to recover by introducing Coke Classic to appease their original devotees.  Who knows, maybe creating this uproar was part of the overall scheme to really get people talking.  It’s unlikely though because it’s a really risky approach.  Coca Cola’s experience is a prime example of where catering to one audience you can alienate another.  Tailoring goals for each audience (loyal following vs. prospective consumers) would have been more beneficial.

                                                                              CREDIT: FUNKYAH

If you don’t do the back work in a PR campaign before choosing tactics, the risk of taking the wrong path is that much greater. The effort will be paid back by way of clear objectives to meet the needs of your publics.  To jump right in can not only be ineffective but also detrimental and costly. Just like in baking, in order for a recipe to turn out well, you need to follow all the steps.

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